Uploading Media

  1. Create an Account and Login
    1. Account registration
    2. Login
  2. Choose what kind of media you will be uploading:
    1. Form - Documents, PDFs, Powerpoint presentations.
    2. Gallery - Have a group of images that go together? Upload all of them as a Gallery.
    3. Media - Images, Audio, or Videos. This is the most common option.
  3. Fill in required information:
    1. Title - Title of the media or brief description of the media.
    2. Description - Information about the media. Please try and add as much information as you can as it can help when searching.
    3. Category - What kind of media is being uploaded.
    4. Organization - The Organization that the media is from.
    5. Tags - Descriptive tags that apply to the media. Multiple values can be separated by a comma.
    6. NSMI - The NSMI categories that best fits the media.
    7. Actor Release Form - Please provide any actor release forms that you may have. Multiple forms can be archived in a zip file.
    8. File Upload - The actual media file. Large files may take a long time to upload.

Help Guides

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